Only good possum is a dead possum!! I tend to stay up late and had heard the rabbits jump around in the the dead of the night this one week. So late one summer evening, way after feeding time, I went into the barn to check on litters. As I leaned over to turn off the big 36" fan, something catches my eye... something moving next to the fan. I leaned over further to find a big 10 pound possum, the size of one of my cats, staring at me, chewing a mouthful of spilt feed. The look on its face was "Yo, lady.... what you gonna do now?"

I didn't get scared.... I got mad... I got furious!!! How dare something get in my barn!! I reached down and grabbed it by the tail before it could blink, and I could think any further. Held upside down, the possum kept trying to curl up and bite at me. Each time... I banged it on the head with the large-size feed scoop I held in the other hand. Bam! Bam! BAM! Possum hissed, and I snarled back in disgust.

I stomped into the garage carrying the enemy-invader and hollered through the door for my husband..... "Help!!  Quick, bring the gun!!" Now Garry's pretty used to my shenanigans after 25 years of marriage, but the look of astonishment on his face when he opened the door was priceless. He jumped back and then turned to grab the pellet rifle my son keeps at the back door, loudly berating me as to why in the world am I taking chances of getting bit?!?!?!

I was so mad. Now keep in mind.... all this time, Mr. Possum is hissing and trying to curl up to bite me in order to escape (and return another night). Bam! Bam! BAM! I bang it on the head each time, and keep telling my husband he HAS to kill this thing. I will NOT tolerate critters around my rabbits. I drop the "scum of the neighborhood" into an empty garbage can, and Garry shoots it dead. I kicked the can, stomped off, and proclaimed, "That's the LAST possum in my barn. I'll see to that!!" Garry hauled the thing out to the country to give the local coyotes a midnight snack.

The next day... I bought enough concrete bricks and pavers to circle the barn. Haven't had a possum in there since. And this story is the truth.