Jersey Woolys

The Jersey Wooly was first introduced at the 1984 ARBA Orlando Convention by Bonnie Seeley of New Jersey...hence the name Jersey Wooly. The breed calls for 2-3" wool, mug-shaped head, short ears, and a compact body type. Their top weight is 3-1/2 pounds. Jerseys are broken down into six groups: Agouti, AOV (Any Other Variety), Self, Shaded, and Tan Pattern. Each of group has several color varieties. The Broken varieties moved to their own group January, 2006.
These are the groups I raise and show.
Click on a photo above to see some of my Woolys.
I sell very few; however, this 2016-17 season.... I will have several weaned "second-picks" for sale. Check the SHOW CIRCUIT webpage.  Know that some rabbits can take up to 18-24 months to mature! Contact me if you have a particular interest.
I do not sell pet-quality.
JW Nationals
April 29, 2017