AGOUTI  -  Jersey Woolys

GC LSR Uptown Girl
Gone, but not forgotten. 2016: produced a double UPTOWN GIRL grandson.
Owen's Sasquatch
Fuzzy ND - 19 legs
Sweetest buck! Correct wool.
Fuzzyville's Rodeo Sweetheart
Stays in the nursery.
Fuzzyville's SLIM SHADY
The best buck in the barn! 4 years old & still showy. 15 legs
Kasey's BLUE OPUS (buck)
First EVER Squirrel produced. Out of Lyle Creek's Jin x LongShot.
Don't keep dilutes..... but this one may change my mind!
Kasey's MoonBeam
Lovely doe out of WALK THE MOON x SLIM SHADY. Can't wait for the senior coat to come in.
Kasey's Rodeo Queen
Just weaned. Out of Rodeo Sweetheart x Slim Shady
Fuzzyville's LoneMan
Newest addition to herd from Fuzzyville Rabbitry (CA).
Fuzzyville's Long Shot
Gorgeous chin buck. Hides SHADED. 5 legs
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